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Which college majors pay the most?  Least?
Which college majors pay the most? Least?

The highest-paying majors are mostly in different engineering fields, while many of the lowest-paying majors are in social sciences and the arts, according to a new study from Georgetown University’s Center on Education. The median income for a full-time employee who majored in petroleum engineering is $120,000, putting it at the top of the most lucrative majors list. On the other hand, the median salary of a person of any age — not just a recent grad — with a degree in counseling psychology is $29,000. In case you can’t do the math, that’s just a fourth of what the former makes.

Top 10 Majors With the Highest Median Earnings 

  • Petroleum Engineering 120,000
  • Pharmacy Pharmaceutical Sciences and Administration 105,000
  • Mathematics and Computer Science 98,000
  • Aerospace Engineering 87,000
  • Chemical Engineering 86,000
  • Electrical Engineering 85,000
  • Naval Architecture and Marine Engineering 82,000
  • Mechanical Engineering 80,000
  • Metallurgical Engineering 80,000
  • Mining and Mineral Engineering 80,000

Top 10 Majors With the Lowest Median Earnings

  • Counseling Psychology 29,000
  • Early Childhood Education 36,000
  • Theology and Religious Vocations 38,000
  • Human Services and Community Organization 38,000
  • Social Work 39,000
  • Drama and Theater Arts 40,000
  • Studio Arts 40,000
  • Communication Disorders Sciences and Service 40,000
  • Visual and Performing Arts 40,000
  • Health and Medical Preparatory Programs 40,000

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