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Top Super Bowl Ads
Top Super Bowl Ads

USA Today’s Ad Meter for the first time opened up its panel to anyone who wanted to register, and more than 7,000 people logged in to vote on the Super Bowl ads. Taking first place was the heartwarming Budweiser ad about a man who breeds and raises a Clydesdale horse.

The Top 5:

  1. Budweiser Clydesdale colt ad — http://tinyurl.com/bzd4o6v
  2. Tide “Miracle Stain” ad — http://tinyurl.com/amuu78x
  3. Chrysler’s Ram pickup ad that pays tribute to farmers      — http://tinyurl.com/bjn85jm
  4. Doritos ad showing a dad playing princess with his      daughter for Doritos — http://tinyurl.com/au9kknr
  5. Chrysler’s Jeep ad that saluted members of the military      serving overseas — http://tinyurl.com/bx3fb3x

The Bottom 5 (worst at #1):

  1. Bar Rafaeli makeout ad — http://tinyurl.com/abbwh5l
  2. Anheuser-Busch Black Crown “coronation” ad —      http://tinyurl.com/aby6z6n
  3. Anheuser-Busch Beck’s Sapphire fish singing — http://tinyurl.com/d5y6wlt
  4. Anheuser-Busch Black Crown party — http://tinyurl.com/c4bbee9
  5. Calvin Klein’s guy in underwear ad — http://tinyurl.com/alp5mea

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