Tim White

Seven Things You Didn’t Know about Peeps
Seven Things You Didn’t Know about Peeps

1) Just Born, the company that makes Peeps, is family-owned and operated. The founder, Sam Born, was a Russian immigrant and a candy-maker by trade, and opened up shop in Brooklyn, New York in 1923 where he sold candy and fudge.

2) Born was a candy innovator. Born is credited with creating the machine that puts sticks into hard candy (producing lollipops) and also created “jimmies,” the chocolate sprinkles served with ice cream.

3) Peeps have a biblical hometown. Or at least a city named as one – Bethlehem, Pennsylvania. In 1932, in the height of the Great Depression, Just Born took over a vacant facility in Bethlehem that had formerly printed the Saturday Evening Post. The company is still there today.

4) The original peeps took 27-hours to make. In 1952, Bob Born discovered women making marshmallow peeps by hand using pastry tubes– but each one took 27 hours to make from scratch. Born then created a machine that could make a treat in six minutes.

5) Just Born also manufactures Hot Tamales and Mike and Ike candies.

6) Peeps used to have wings! Just Born says the wings become problematic to make, and were clipped in the 1950s. Consumers apparently didn’t care.

7) You can get Peeps year-round. Just Born is now making Peep varities for Christmas, Halloween and Valentine’s Day. A company represenative says to expect summertime flavors like bubblegum and lemonade to pop up once the weather warms up.