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Thursday, April 24, 201404/24/2014

Which type of ‘friend’ is most likely to unfriend you?

Do you have a friend that always posts on the same subject?


Monday, April 21, 201404/21/2014

Heathly Ice Cream Coming Soon

Carrot flavored ice cream will be available in May…yum!!


Thursday, April 17, 201404/17/2014

Celebs that Split – Only to Reunite

Pink and Carey Hart broke up in 2008, but never divorced

Wednesday, April 16, 201404/16/2014

The 11 Weirdest States Are…

Iowa did not make the list…surprised?


Friday, April 11, 201404/11/2014

17 Reasons to eat chocolate every day

It’s Friday – Eat Chocolate!


Wednesday, April 9, 201404/09/2014

Is Twitter bad for your marriage?

Do you think your partner uses Twitter too much?


Tuesday, April 8, 201404/08/2014

The Best Airline of 2013 is…

Virgin American was the best airline at handling bags


Monday, April 7, 201404/07/2014

Mom’s Who Live with Parents at Risk for Depression

Nearly half of kids spend some time living with grandparents.


Tuesday, March 25, 201403/25/2014

Study: Stress Makes Conception More Difficult

Stressed women are more than twice as likely to meet the clinical definition of infertility


Tuesday, March 11, 201403/11/2014

Do Smartphones lead to bad parenting?

New parenting term: Caretaker absorption