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Girl Scouts introduce a new Cookie for 2013
Girl Scouts introduce a new Cookie for 2013

Get ready to stock up on your Thin Mints, Samoas and Tagalongs — it’s Girl Scout cookie time again! But this year it’s causing a little bit of a stir over the introduction of a new cookie, Mango Cremes with NutriFusion. What’s NutriFusion, right?

ABC Bakers, the people behind the Girl Scout cookies, wanted to come up with a healthier offering, so they created a tropical fruit-inspired sandwich cookie, made up of two round coconut biscuits with mango-flavored creme inside, and infused it with NutriFusion, a patented vitamin product. That’s led some critics to cry foul, saying NutriFusion is just the latest attempt to paint junk food as being healthier. Yahoo! Shine spoke to the makers of NutriFusion, who said there are no chemicals in the product, instead it’s 100 percent natural, made up of dehydrated and powdered fruits and vegetables.

The company said their goal is to make the processed foods that make up a big part of the diet Americans are already eating healthier. At least one other critic has a different complaint, with The Stir’s Adriana Valdez saying, “When I eat a cookie, I want it to be an act of decadence. Otherwise it’s no fun!”

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