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9 Ways to Treat Your Dog – Like a Human
9 Ways to Treat Your Dog – Like a Human

We’re the proud owners of two Shih Tzu puppies (9 weeks old) so this list caught my attention.  I was intrigued by number 5.  Doggie dating?  Really. 


1) Dog Manicures. Japanese nail artist Sase Eiko is often booked months in advance for her dog nail art, which she creates with a tiny brush, jewels, and a highly pigmented polish made especially for dog nails. The service costs between $35 and $58 for all four paws.

2) Dog Perfume. Tired of your dog smelling like kibble, flea shampoo, and whatever they just dug up in the yard? Give ‘em a spritz of Urban Pup, a sophisticated (and natural!) perfume for dogs with notes of cedarwood and rosemary.

3) Designer Dog Clothes. Sure, your dog was born with an all-natural fur coat, and sure, you could always make do with a $15 sweater if you wanted them to dress up for the family Christmas card, but what about the high-end fashions your dog really wants? For example, a trendy $160 faux leather dog jacket.

4) Dog Massages. Massage can actually be a great calming and therapeutic experience for a dog, but to give them the best (and most human-ish) experience, check into one of these luxury hotels that offers dog pampering services like in-room massage, freshly cooked dog meals, and matching dog/owner pedicures.

5) Dog Online Dating. Online dating has become something of a rite of passage for most humans; don’t let your dog miss out! Sites like MatchPuppy can help your pooch find their perfect match.

6) Dog Hair Gel. The doggie dating scene is fiercely competitive, so your pup’s hair game has gotta be tight. Try somedoggie hair gel to keep his Adam Levine-inspired faux hawk firmly held in place.

7) Dog Weddings. There comes a point in every dog’s life where they realize it’s time to stop humping around and settle down with their one true love. When this time comes for your dog, throw them a dog wedding! Doggie nuptial planners can help you plan a ceremony that costs anywhere from $400 to $10,000.

8) Dog Diamond Earrings. Does your pup need a little bling for her (or his) wedding day? Try these faux diamond magnetic dog earrings.

9) Serve Them Doggy Beer. Dawg Grog is a non-alcoholic “beer” especially for dogs, made from malted barley water, liquid glucosamine, and organic vegetable broth.