Tim White

13 Things Guys Need to Stop Wearing
13 Things Guys Need to Stop Wearing

Although I rarely (…ok, NEVER) think about fashion of any sort, I thought you might like this list from HuffPo.  They compiled a list of 13 of the worst fashion offenses that men make….’whatever’:

      • Deep V-neck tees.
      • Sagging jeans.
      • White socks with black shoes.
      • Nylon drawstring backpacks.
      • Basket shorts when not playing basketball.
      • Ed Hardy.
      • Polo shirts tucked into khakis.
      • White t-shirts poking out of button-down shirts.
      • Adidas rubber sandals with socks.
      • Sports jerseys outside sporting events.
      • Mismatched socks.
      • Necklaces tangled in chest hair.
      • Pleats.