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Local News From KCCI

The latest local news headlines from KCCI News Channel 8.

Feds visit Des Moines to investigate border incident

A scout taking a picture of a border officer triggered the incident, witnesses say.

Riverboat casino prepares for last day

The Iowa Supreme Court rejected a request that the operation be allowed to remain open while its owners pursued court action.

Murder case now in judge's hands

A judge is considering the fate of a 20-year-old man accused of killing a former women's basketball standout.

Parents didn't suspect kidnapped boy's aunt

Kristen Smith of Aurora, Colorado, is charged with kidnapping 4-day-old Kayden Powell Feb. 6 and abandoning him in Iowa.

Parents upset over loss of advanced courses

Some parents are concerned that top performers won't be challenged.

Fire forces residents out of their apartment

An overnight fire forced residents out of their apartment and closed downtown streets.

Car slams into pole, knocking out power

About 800 Des Moines residents were left without power after a car hit a utility pole.

90-year-old business closing, part of downtown renovations

One of Des Moines’ oldest downtown companies will be shutting its doors Thursday as a part of the Keo Way renovations.

Iowa event jumpstarts many youth athletic careers

The event is also expected to draw 40,000 people, bringing in $47 million before they leave.

Community mourns the death of beloved teacher

Divers found the body of Rich Gander in a cove just feet away from his fishing boat.

Hot air balloon collides with power lines

The crash happened during the 2014 National Balloon Classic near Indianola.

Popular state park reopens

It's been a month and a half, but now the main artery through Ledges State Park is open.

Students who buy football tickets may score free tuition

Buy season tickets, win a free year of tuition.

Hundreds speaking up about Walmart alcohol sales

Based on the more than 600 comments from our viewers and Facebook fans, the same ID dispute has happened to people in 28 Iowa Walmarts and six other states.

Hundreds of KCCI viewers report Walmart alcohol sale problems

The story triggered close to 800 comments on our Facebook page.

Name of man found dead in lake just released

An empty boat on the lake found Monday triggered the search.

Teen who fell 80 feet found along railroad tracks

The accident was reported at a park.

Man found with stolen cheeseburger in his pocket

Police say he was passed out in front of the store.

Woman going to prison for selling stolen pain patches

Authorities said a person who bought the patches overdosed.

Man receives 14 year sentence in child porn case

He had more than 10 previous convictions on various crimes.

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