Kate Garner

Kate Garner

Kate Garner

Ian Ziering filming a scene with a chainsaw for 'Sharknado 2: The Next One'

Thursday, July 31, 201407/31/2014

Did You Watch “Sharknado 2″?

It’s terrible, awful, and absolutely AWESOME!  “Sharknado 2″ aired last night on the SyFy Channel and it was as cheesetastic…


Wednesday, July 30, 201407/30/2014

Little Girl Melts Down Because Her Brother Will Grow Up

Poor Sadie!  Out of nowhere it apparently hit her that her baby brother was going to grow-up and it was…


Tuesday, July 22, 201407/22/2014

Welcome to Des Moines!

AAU Junior Olympics is here until August 2nd

The Rockford Files (NBC)

Sunday, July 20, 201407/20/2014

Remembering James Garner (1928-2014)

I am so sad to report that the guy I always wished was my uncle has passed away.  James Garner,…


Wednesday, July 16, 201407/16/2014

Things That I Like Today – July 16

Here’s my top three: 1. Hillary Clinton on the Daily Show – Okay, actually, anyone on the Daily Show, Jon…


Wednesday, June 25, 201406/25/2014

Manny’s Coming Monday

If you are a baseball fan this has likely been on your mind, “When is Manny Ramirez finally going to…


Wednesday, June 18, 201406/18/2014

The New Foods at the Iowa State Fair!!!

The Iowa State Fair has finally announced the new offerings this year and they look super-yummy.  Among them are the…

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Tuesday, June 10, 201406/10/2014

Today’s Local Stories I Like – 6/10/14

1. Do you wear a ‘fitness band’ to track your steps, calories, etc?  Well Iowa State University just completed a…

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Tuesday, June 3, 201406/03/2014

Today’s Local Stories I Like – 6/3/14

Okay it is a busy day for local news and I have to share three stories I love. 1. VOTE!…

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Thursday, May 29, 201405/29/2014

Today’s Local Stories I Like – 5/29/14

1. I love history and I love archaeology and this is a fantastic combination right in our own backyard.  They…

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